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051 Mochinami Rei

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Mochinami rei

mochinamirei.jpgofficial blog

Mochinami rei is Person of
fictitious that belongs to BasicWerk?


* birth:unknown
* Belonging:
moidolls,Basic werk,color-music
* Age:14
* Blood:unknown
* I am not "Ani-Ota" at all.
* I am playing a drum with moidolls.
* I occasionally do unusual DJ.
* I am taking charge of management at the Basicwerk and color-music.
* is not "POKA-POKA"
* Habit of saying:not a doll,AT field opening





◇Visual Sound Progressive


It is a middle age of the inclination
to grow fat as for a thick
eyebrow and the small mouth.

The record is blotted everything out and is individual information
that it is revealed that it is only 14 only years old until date of birth etc.
It is expressionless ..taciturn...
hardly show the table feelings ..saying, "Cool" and "Silent"..

The mind was opened only for music
though words were also few, and the interest in others was thin.
An important role will be played as the maximum
key person whom present age Japan can leave.

childrens...All Japanese want to get hopes.
Geniality, severity, and diligence...

I endeavors to make it to Japan that redeems the world.
give the future to children in the world.


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